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    Unique Design

    We have the ability to realize all kinds of creative and high-tech designed chairs.

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    Quality after-sales

    Our factory has the capacity to assure on-time delivery and after-sale warranty.

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    Product Guarantee

    All products strictly comply with US ANSI/BIFMA5.1 and European EN1335 testing standards.

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  • modern wide back armchair (2)


Wyida has been on the mission of “making the world’s first-class chair” since its founding, aiming to provide the best-fit chairs for workers in different working space. Wyida, with a number of industry patents, has been leading the innovation and development of swivel chair technology.

  • Production capacity 180,000 units

    48,000 units sold

    Production capacity 180,000 units

  • 25 days

    Order lead time

    25 days

  • 8-10 days

    Customized color proofing cycle

    8-10 days